Building Pathways Foundation, Inc. is a Non-Profit company that wants to make a difference in teens and adults who have unique abilities.  We want to teach them valuable job, life, and social skills so they can achieve independence.

We are their bridge to great potential.

Our Vision

Building Pathways program helps teens and adults with unique abilities gain the life, social, and job skills needed to be a valuable contributor in their community.  

Our Mission

Building Pathways is a safe transitional program for teens and adults with unique abilities that provides social, life, and job skills training. We partner with businesses and are a bridge to help these individuals be able to live and work independently.


Let us be that safe place to help you grow and learn!

We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity all donations are tax deductible.


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Building Pathways Story

Building Pathways Foundation was created to fill a gap in our community. Patty Myers saw a need in her local community where kids in school weren't learning enough with life and social skills. She saw other teens/adults that had exited school just sitting at home and not working or able to live on their own. She saw where employers were willing to employ differently abled individuals, but these adults struggled to get through the interview process as well. Ms. Patty said, "That needs to change!" These individuals need a bridge of support to help them achieve these goals, this is where BP came to be.

Building Pathways Foundation was created in January 2018.

They did all the training programs in a 3/2 house located in Winter Garden.

They first began offering Summer Camps in June and July.

BP added Social Skill classes on Tuesday and Saturday.

The Day Program then began in August of 2018.

In August 2020, BP purchased a home to be able to serve more individuals with learning differences. We added an affordable girls supportive housing option. Up to 4 young ladies are supported by the help of a Resident Assistant. 

Our next goal is to open our affordable guys supportive house in the fall of 2021.

One other thing that we want to do in 2021 is open our Pathways Market and Flower shop to help employ individuals and also give them job and social skills training.

Our full model is: 

1. Training House -includes Social Skill Classes, Day Program, and Summer Camps

2. Girls Affordable Supportive Housing

3. Guys Affordable Supportive Housing

4. Business where they can work and also the proceeds will help fund scholarships and pay fees for all the training programs

Once all these have been implemented and are running then Building Pathways Foundation wants to expand and do this same model in another city in the Greater Orlando area.

Patty Myers, Executive Director/Founder has a son who is 19 years-old that lives with Autism and she wants to make a true difference in the lives of our kids that are teens and adults who CAN do it. She wants to give them the tools for them to live and work on their own or at the least teach them the life skills needed to be able to take care of themselves (laundry, cooking, hygiene, budgeting) even if they are still living with their families.


Patty can't do this on her own though.

She needs businesses to partner with BP to be job sites.

She needs donations to help pay for the training materials and weekly group meals.

She needs monthly supporters.

Building Pathways Foundation goal is to be a program that is free or nearly free to all participants and we can't do that without our local community support.

To help fulfill our full mission to the community we need your help and

We are beginning our 4th year and we can't wait to

see the growth that this year will bring.

For more information about Building Pathways Foundation (501c3 public charity) please contact Patty Myers at

Patty Myers, BA, BCaBA

Director of Building Pathways

Patty is the mother of 2 children, Chelsea and Charlie.  Charlie was diagnosed with Autism in 2004. He is 19 years old.


Patty graduated from King University with her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and then received her BCaBA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst) certification through Florida Institute of Technology.

Patty is the author of Autism Is A Blessing which was first published in 2008.  Her son accompanies her to radio, television, and various speaking events to share their book and journey with autism.

She has volunteered her time to help fellow parents of children with special needs understand their child's rights regarding services and supports.  Her passion and heart for children and adults with special needs is evident in all that she does.

She previously was the Founder and President of a  PT/OT/ST Therapy Company (All Southern Care Rehab) in Fort Lauderdale for over 9 years and then was the Principal for over 8 years at The First Hope of The First Academy (private Christian school for students with unique needs). She is currently the President/CEO of Pathways For Life Academy in Winter Garden, FL where she serves students with learning differences incorporating life and social skills integration for Middle and High Schoolers.

Patty has been married to her husband Tony for 30 years and lives in Windermere, Florida.  They were honored to receive the Heart Award from the Florida Network on Disabilities for the work they do to help Floridians with disabilities. She is also a contributing author in the Special Needs Parenting Blog with Key Ministry. Patty wants Building Pathways to be a safe place for teens and adults with unique needs to come and learn the skills to be able to live and work on their own.

Contact Patty at

Tiffaney Schrimsher


Tiffaney assists in all areas of our programs- Social Skills Classes, Summer Camps, and our Day Program.

She has experience as a para in a private special needs school. She has a heart to help kids grow and learn independent living skills.

She is married and has 3 children. For years she has advocated for her son with unique challenges. 



Chessie Pyatt

Registered Behavior Technician

Chessie assists with Social Skills Classes throughout the week. He is a Certified Registered Behavior Technician with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Chessie brings over 12 years of experience helping kids and adults with behavior and skill training. He graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelors in Psychology and he received his Master's from the University of West Florida in Exceptional Student Education.

He is married to Allison and has one daughter.



Alanna Spina

Program Assistant

Alanna assists in our programs- Social Skills Classes and our Day Program.

She is a certified as a Registered Behavior Technician and has experience working with children communicating, social, and life skills.

She loves her dogs and going back home to NY to visit. She is currently in school finishing her Master's Degree.


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