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Day Programs are Available!



Is your child in school not accomplishing much and 16 years or older?  Is your child sitting at home not able to live on their own and get their own job?  Let us help give them the tools to do those things. We want to help teens and adults with unique abilities to find meaningful employment, learn the skills needed to live independently, and develop healthy friendships.

Ages: 16 years old and up 

*a few spots for 15yo- part time only

Location: Ocoee, FL

Months in Session: August 21, 2023 - May 17, 2024


Full-Time 8:30am-2:30pm   Monday-Friday                                              

This program includes all the services for life, social, and job skills training.


Part-Time  3 Full Days 8:30-2:30 Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays                                

These programs include all the services for life, social, and no job skills training.

Activities Included:

  • Life Skills Training

  • Social Skills Training

  • Job Skills and Job Connections Training  (Wednesday Only)

  • Health and Fitness (including swimming/biking/walking/Zumba Gold)

  • Culinary Classes

  • Daily Executive Functioning Skills Training

  • Micro-Enterprise Support and Training

The following dates BP is closed for August 2023- May 2024:

  • Monday, September 4

  • Monday, October 9

  • Monday - Friday, November 20 - 24

  • Monday- Friday, Monday December 18- January 2

  • Monday, January 15

  • Monday, February 19

  • Monday - Friday, March 18-22

  • Friday, March 29

  • Monday, April 1


  • Sonny's BBQ

  • Southeastern Food Bank

  • Do Good Farm

  • Burger Fi- Plant Street

  • Nathaniel's Hope

  • Second Harvest

  • Give Kids the World

  • The Sharing Center

  • Entertainment Retail Enterprises

We have had 5 participants gain paid employment through our programs. 


1. Fill out an inquiry form on our home page. We will call you to learn more about your child. We will then schedule a tour of our program.

2. Fill out the application and pay the registration fees

The forms to fill out are: 

A) Day Program Application

B) Funding Agreement (either Private Pay, CDC+, or FES-UA)

C) Yearly Agreement

Once all those are completed and turned in along with application fees your child is signed up.

Fees are only prorated for incoming half year.   

All participants must tour the program before enrolling.

We are an FES-UA (Formerly Gardiner) for teens and adults up to 22 years-old. Ask for more details.

Let us be that safe place to help you grow and learn!


More Information about our Day Programs

in Ocoee, FL contact Building Pathways


or call us at 407-654-9711

Steps to Apply:

    1. Call in and do an inquiry with one of our staff learning about you or your child.    

    2. The Participant and parent come to tour the facility and the participant is         interviewed for the program. This is scheduled with the Director.

   3. Fill out the Day Program Application along with $350.00 application fee.


   4. Acceptance or Referral to other program

   5. Fill out Program Agreement and Financial Agreement (Choose only one Financial 

   Agreement - Private Pay, FES-UA, or CDC+)








**There are only 12 spots available

*All app fees are non-refundable

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