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This amazing group of people has made such a huge difference in our daughter's life. They love our daughter and are helping her with things she can't learn in school. Their care and skill are truly inspiring and effective!

Todd, Father of 18 year-old

They really kept the kids busy this summer! My son played tennis, rode a bike, played basketball and swam every day. He had so much fun and is excited to attend their Social Skills classes on Tuesdays! Thanks, Patty and Jen!

Ginger, Mother of 17 year-old

We are so happy we found you. I was telling some of (my moms) that for the first time I could actually visualize her living independently with friends in a BP house. Julie, Mother of 16 year-old

My son looks forward to his Saturday social skills classes each week. He attended the summer program and cried on the last day because he didn’t want it to end. Patty and Jennifer deliver the material in a real life setting and in such a way that the young adults don’t even realize they are learning. They view it as having fun with friends and are able to lower their guard and embrace the experience. The place is magical-I highly suggest you check it out! Jennifer, Mother of 11 year-old

In such a short period of time (Sept -Nov) we have recognized the impact BP has made with our daughter (and clearly MANY others) that we have added BP to our family’s estate plan. BP is one of the positive growth influences for (her) and we are happy to have a percentage of our estate further BP’s mission. Father of 16 year-old

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Many of the achievements of Jean Carlos are thanks to you. You and Tony are definitely part of those people in his life who have accepted, helped, and loved him. You have been a light in his life, everyday I thank God for having put you in his life. Infinite thanks and blessings to you. Lillian, Mother

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