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Livy participates in our Day Program full-time, our Social Skill classes, and also our Summer Camps. Livy loves the color pink and also loves to dance. She has a bright personality and cares about others. She is learning life, social, and job skills to be more involved and independent in her community. She is currently working toward getting her Drivers License. She is working on a biking goal every 2 weeks to bike 15 miles. 

Livy is a blessing in our lives.




Brooks participated in our Social Skills classes, Day Program, and Summer Camps. He loves basketball and tennis. He is always laughing and enjoying life. His favorite game is Family Feud. He loves to include others and he has a sweet heart in helping others. He works full-time at Disney. Brooks is a hard worker and always willing to step in. He currently is a resident in our Guys Supportive Housing.




Jackson participates in our Social Skill classes and our Summer Camps. He has the biggest smile ever. Jackson gives great hugs and loves to ask questions.  He rides the bike to the park often (2 total miles) and he is so kind to any new friend that comes to our programs and includes them. He always gives great effort in trying new things and has improved greatly in his self-regulation and communication of how he is feeling.

Jackson is a blessing in our lives.



Alex has participated in our Social Skills classes on Saturdays and also our Camps. Alex loves to be a great helper and leader and wants to always be a great friend. He loves to get his picture taken and then posted on social media. His smile will light up a room and he is patient and kind with others. Alex is working on social and life skills in our programs and he loves to cook anytime we are making snacks or lunches at BP. 

Meadow and Alex.JPG


Bella Person of the week.jpg

Bella is in our Day Programs part-time. She brings such joy with her laughter and comments about how much fun she is having, especially during our Zumba Thursday fun! She is very smart and just needs a little time to get out what she is thinking. She is loving and caring with her peers. Bella does a great job with her laundry each week and she is a hard worker. She loves the color purple and enjoys math. Bella is learning life, social, and job skills at BP!




Cristina is our very first paid intern. She was one of our very first participants in our programs. She has been in our camps and day program. She loves the color blue, music, and her dog Jack. She often goes on mission trips with her family and shares about those experiences with her peers. She is a great leader and encourager with her friends. She is able to help them and relate as she has worked through many of the same issues and struggles they have now. We are grateful for Cristina.


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