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The Little Things Are Really The Big Things

I got a text this morning.

It was not an ordinary text.

It was a text full of hope and progress.

You see this is not just a picture of a mom and her son having a drink together. This picture is really a little thing for most people that is actually a really a big thing for this family.

Jacob for 8-9 years did not want anyone to bring a drink in the car. No one. At one point he poured a drink out in his moms car to try and be clear about not wanting drinks in cars.

We have been working with Jacob at Building Pathways for nearly 2 years and this is one of the skills we have been working on, tolerating drinks in cars. We have also worked on having lids or no lids and it will be okay. You can see in the picture they didn't even have lids.

Jacob has been able to let us bring drinks in our BP bus and he was okay with it but we have still been working on him feeling calm if his mother brought a drink in the car. Every time Jacob was in our Day Program, Social Skill Classes, or Summer Camps he would bring it up, "Mama can't have a drink in the car?" I would respond we are working on it. It is okay, no big deal.

You see when we just take the time and are patient through their struggles you get to see this.

He can do it.

I had no doubt.

He needed time to process that it would be okay.

I am proud of mom for pushing through too.

This is a day to celebrate the little things because they are really the big things.


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